img_0679Mailboxes – Despite our name, the largest and most important service we provide to the community of Mazatlán is private mailbox rentals with a U.S. mailing address. This service is invaluable for many extranjeros living in the city, as well as Mexican businesses who want a U.S. presence. Each customer is provided a unique mailing address in Laredo, Texas. There mail is sorted and shipped twice weekly to Mazatlán. The sorting facility is huge and shared with other companies, including Estafeta.

Packages – Our customers are also welcome to have any packages shipped to Laredo and we will bring them the rest of the way to Mazatlan. There is a Mexican Customs (Aduana) representative on site, and any packages shipped to Mexico must pass through the customs office for clearance and applicable duty assessment. The customs office will use the customs declaration or if none is available, will open the package and look for an invoice to determine value.  Packages are shipped separately from mail and bundled with others’ packages to keep the cost down. If you have any specific questions about receiving packages, just let us know.

Price – A standard size mail box costs 3,680 pesos per year or 2,580 for six months. Larger boxes are available, but are mostly used by local businesses.

Outgoing Mail – Another great service is outgoing mail to the U.S. and Canada using the U.S. mail. For 20 pesos for a one ounce or less letter or card, we will ship your stamped card to Laredo, where it is put into the U.S. mail service. It is illegal to sell stamps outside of the United States and Canada. So, you need to bring some stamps with you. If you don’t have stamps, we will ship the letter to Laredo where it will be stamped. This cost 55 pesos for U.S. and 75 pesos for the Canada and the rest of the world (including the shipping). Twenty pesos for each additional ounce.

Outgoing Packages – As our name implies, Post and Ship will box up your national or international packages and help you get the best price from FedEx, UPS or Estafeta. We are an official UPS Access Point, so prepaid UPS packages can be dropped off here – no charge for you.

IMG_0674Misc – Post and Ship is also a mini stationary store selling envelopes, greeting cards and even Mazatlan tourists postcards.

We provide copier service, scanning service, incoming and outgoing fax service to our mailbox customers and the general public. We proudly maintain a community bulletin board with useful information to the foreign community in Mazatlán. You may have heard our name before as we are often a pick-up point for tickets for various events happening in this wonderful city.

  • International Mailbox Service with USA mailing address
  • Worldwide Shipping of Documents and Package
  • Postage Stamps
  • Packaging Service and Packaging Material
  • Fax, Copies, Internet
  • Greeting cards, Postcards and shipping materials


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